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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Move

I may have posted before but The Move has really got me off the couch. I am addicted to Frisbie Golf, Bocce, and Gladiator.  Gladiator duel has the added benefit of that it is an extreme workout, at least for me.  I am on the silver battles and the oppenent is getting really good at blocking and I got to get creative. I can no longer bash them out of the ring either.  I am breathing like I just ran a sprint afterwards, assuming I can remember what it was ever like to run.

 I am on Gold on Frisbie and  Bocce and it is getting tough.  Good thing I am good at Bocce, I may never finish Frisbie.  And the ping pong is impossible.  The best I ever did was when I was actually sitting on the couch.  We haven't gotten past bronze # 2.    Volleyball is fun and is so is archery but these two really aggravate my arms and shoulder so I rarely play.  The point is not only has the Playstation Move got me moving but I am going to try and take up Frisbie Golf and Bocce for real when the summer months hit.  Their are several courses in my area and Bocce can be played everywhere.


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